Kitchen space

Kitchen backsplash will help the kitchen space become more eye-catching as well as cleaning. If the living room is considered the face of the family, the dining room is the warmest place where the whole family gathers together for dinner. Therefore, comfortable kitchen space is essential.

Kitchen Tile Material 

The kitchen is an area that is often exposed to grease and oil vapor during the cooking process. If normal wall paint, cooking stains can cause yellowing, mold, and loss of aesthetics of the space, affecting the health of members. With kitchen backsplash, all these problems will be solved. In addition to keeping the kitchen space clean, kitchen backsplash are also heat-resistant, force-resistant, waterproof, and moisture-proof for a long time. Therefore, you will save on renovation and repair costs for this area.

You should choose tiles with high heat resistance to avoid damage due to frequent heat exposure from the kitchen. You should prefer to choose the type of glass tile because the surface of this tile is glossy and smooth, which will limit oil absorption as well as easily clean stains. If you choose matte surface tiles, you should choose high-class tiles such as ceramics, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles… to increase water resistance and anti-fouling.

Kitchen Tile Color

The kitchen tile color is highly demanding in terms of its ability to bring warmth. White is the most used color because it is a neutral color that catches light well, creating a feeling of airy and wider space. If your kitchen is already large enough, you can choose black tiles to create elegance. In addition, neutral colors such as beige yellow, gray and white are also options to consider. You should not use hot colors such as orange, red, and dark pink because it will create a sense of frustration. 

Kitchen Tile Size

For mid- and large-sized kitchen spaces, you can choose large-sized backsplash to increase the seamlessness. On the contrary, small bricks should be used for small kitchen spaces to avoid sinking space.

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